When I first became a mom I was completely winded by the initial exhaustion and how hard it was to slowly watch my freedom slip away. I was so in love with my baby, but I couldn't help but wonder- would I ever feel normal again? 

Each and every gift I received was like a kiss and a hug from someone who cared. As I opened the gift I heard it whisper "I'm thinking of you and yes, you will not only survive, but you will thrive!" Each gift reminded me that I was not alone. Every strong, capable, incredible woman I know had gone through this. I was now part of a unspoken club called Mommyhood. This gave me hope and strength during those long, cold, nursing-till-I'm-blue-in-the-face nights. 

I created Baby Posh in order to simplify the process. With a simple click you can send your daughter, friend, cousin or even yourself a beautiful, functional gift that I know will give a new mommy or even a veteran mommy a little smile and a lot of love. 

As a new mom, I had little time for anything other than caring for my little one. I've created posh gift sets to save you the time and energy that your baby so desperately needs. 

Happy shopping! 




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